In my graduation year I was approached by a Packt Publishing representative with a proposal to write a book on Unity 3D scripting for beginner developers.

Joined by friend Devon Kraczla we laid out the wanted to discuss in the book that we considered to be useful for new game developers. After receiving the publisher's approval we started a quest against short deadlines and approaching graduation.

Knowing and being able to do is one thing, describing and teaching requires a deeper understanding of the subject, knowing all ins and outs of the situation you are trying to create and presenting the best solution to the problem.


In the end, the book could have used a lot more polish, but we are still proud of what we managed to accomplish and there is still a lot of useful information to be found for junior game developers, just like it was originally planned.

Author: Volodymyr Gerasimov,

Devon Kraczla

Topic: Unity 3D Java Scripting 

Publisher: Packt

Published: June 2012

Platform: Book