• Wrote Level Design Documentation

  • Communication with artists and programmers

  • Level layout design

  • Working in a 15 people team

  • Design of puzzles and boss fights

  • Scripting level gimmick

  • Basic meshing and colliding

  • Prototyping and presentation of levels in Google SketchUp

  • Lighting levels, setting mood and atmosphere





Strap on your aprons and grab your sporks as you cook, jump, and smash your way through a 3D world gone flat! 

Splik and Blitz: Baked in Blood is a platforming hack and slash adventure that takes two players on a cooperative quest for justice.




 - A networked two-player game that demands teamwork by providing increasingly difficult enemies and bosses, platforming challenges, and puzzles.

 - Experience an addictive and gory co-operative combat system.

 - A merging of the platforming and hack & slash genres into an engaging  gameplay experience.

 - Customize your character by building up the stats of your choice.


Role: Lead Level Designer

Genre: Co-op Brawler

Developer: Deadly Pixel

Platform: PC

Period: Oct  2010 - June 2011

Game Production Workshop or GPW is a series of mandatory classes for all Game Designers at The Art Institute of Vancouver. Students are to encourage programmers, artists, animators and musicians to join their team and develop a game within 6 to 9 months from start to finish. One of these student groups called themselves Deadly Pixel. Inspired by Castle Crushers they decided to try their skills in hack & slash genre, spice the game with puzzle/platformer elements and add co-op only feature to stand out.


What did this project teach me:


  • Importance of game design documents (noone reads them!)

  • Conflict of interests and teamwork

  • Cooperation with Level Artists and Programmers

  • Co-op puzzle design

  • Scripting

  • Huge ambitions and terrifying deadlines


Everything can go wrong when you develop your first game and we weren't the exception. Despite of all mistakes, long and salty postmortems: we managed to create one of the best games that came out of that program at the time.  The game lacks polish, but there aren't any game breaking bugs either. In the end, as a student project, we are definatelly proud of it.



It all started one a regular day in the bakery...Splik and Blitz were baking up a fresh batch of muffins, and ran outof flour. Being the genius bakers that they are they hopped downto the basement to grab some more. However, being the incrediblygoofy bakers that they are, they ended up goofing off instead. Onething led to another, and Splik ended up smashing Blitz into theirplastic bowling pins, and eventually through the wall. ouch.Splik and Blitz were stunned to find an entire room behind their oncethought indestructible wall. Crowded into the room were as manycandles as one would like to keep lit without casuing a horrible fire,as well as a pillar with an old tome on top. Splik and Blitz approachedthe book with caution. It was beautifully gilded and etched with linesof gold, but horribly covered with dust and - could it be? - blood.Splik blew the dust away, and revelaed the title: The Bakernomicon. Curious Splik opened the book and both stalwart bakers were blasted with dust. When it cleared, their eyes lit up with glee as thebook is filled to the brim with delicious - and extremely yummy - recipes. The book happens to be open on a page witha  very pecuiliar recipe, with instructions on how to bake... a seems one of the words is smudged right before dragon.Splik looks hesitant, but Blitz shrugs, whats the worst that couldhappen? Splik and Blitz glance at each other, and with a smirk and anawesome high five, they get to work.Shortly after the recipe is coming together swimmingly, and thedragon is almost ready to be baked. Blitz puts his finger in the mixingbowl for a taste, and realizes its missing something. Splik scans thepage for missing ingredients, and finds they are missing just one:Blood. With grim determination, Splik grabs Blitzs hand and tries toprick his finger - but slips. 

The tip of Blitzs finger flies into the bowl followed by a showerof awesome blood. To top it all off, Blitz picks up the entirerecipe book, and drops it into the bowl. Whether it was due to a lack of blood or sheer stupidity, we will never know. Splik goesto preheat the oven, and all of a sudden, the bowl starts to shake.Splik looks at the bowl, and the dirt smudging the missing wordhas fallen off into the bowl. The recipe now says: How To BakeAn Extremely Evil, Ferocious Bad-Ass yet still delicious - Dragon.Splik attempts to snatch the recipe, but it sinks into the bowl.The bowled explodes with power like a hand grenade filled withhand grenades, and Splik and Blitz are flung against the wall. Agiant clawed arm thrusts out of the bowl, followed by an equallyferocious shoulder, neck, head, face, nose...well you get the idea.Sitting before them is a monstrous dragon, covered in the tornrecipe pages. With a roar, he bursts through the roof, and out into the world. The draong flies high into the sky, and with a mighty breath, spews a stream of dark, black light into the atmosphere. The light swirls and churns like a high poweredtoilet bowl, and suddenly with a peal of thunder, the light opensup in the sky. Out of the light pours hundreds, nay thousands,nay thousands of thousands of horrible, grotesquely flattenedcreatures, and begin to attack Splik and Blitzs once peacefulvillage. With a grim visage of determination, Splik and Blitz knowwhat they must do: prepare for the most bad-ass, balls to thewall adventure that two bakers have ever set out on. But...justhow bad-ass could it be? I mean...Theyre Bakers....