Role: Developer

Genre: RPG (mod)

Platform: PC



  • Writing story & dialogues

  • Scripting

  • Level Design

NWN2: Island of Mantakaar


You will start your journey on your way to the mysterious Island of Mantakaar, that endlessly drifts across the Sea of Swords. Coming there you believed to be a mare observer, however, the ties you've made in a past won't let you off the hook so easily and it's your actions that will deside the resolution of this play.

A module I've made few years ago, was my first experience of making story for RPG games, so I hope that you won't be disappointed:)
Module has a non-linier storyline that will allow you to replay it multiple time to achive different endings.
This module is story driven, therefore, you will not find much of a challenge gameplay wise if you play high level character. Do not attempt to play this module with a character below level 20, you won't be able to finish it!
Make sure you have NWN 2 installed with both addons: Mask of Betrayer and Storm of Zehir!
If you encounter any problems - don't hesitate to contact me via Moddb Contact link.


What did this project teach me:



  • NWN Scripts

  • Quest design

  • Dialogue and story writing

  • Character design