My team in Kharkov was in charge of development of updates for recently launched game (aka Project Evolution). As a Producer I was overseeing the release of first update, as well as development of Update 2 and DLCs that were released in that period. 


Role: Producer

Genre: FTP, Resource Management

Developer: Gameloft

Platform: iOS

Period: January 2013 - May 2013



  • Development of early updates

  • Scheduling and planning

  • Risk management

  • Acting as a liaison between the development staff and publisher

  • Overseeing creative (Art & Design) development of the game

  • Creating and maintaining development pipelines

What did this project teach me:


  • Scrum development process

  • Update and DLC release on App Store

  • Post-Release game support and bug fixing

  • Development process inside large corporation

  • Content delivery with short development cycle

  • Cooperation with external QA team

  • Mastery of mail management in Outlook


Gameloft is a large company, being a part of it allowed me to take a good look at its structure and how it operates. 

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