Role: Producer

Genre: Action/RPG

Developer: BestWay Soft

Platform: PC

Period: Dec 2011 – Dec 2012



  • Working on a AAA RPG game

  • Project development supervisor

  • Acting as a liaison between the development staff and publisher

  • Overseeing creative (Art & Design) development of the game

  • Developing and maintaining schedules, ensuring timely delivery of Milestones

  • Creation and improvement of content development pipelines

  • Core game design 




After returning to Ukraine I was offered a position of Producer in BestWay Soft. Team, well known for their Men of War series, was in the middle of development of a quite ambitious project: creation of Russian Fallout. After joining the team we managed to stabilize the development process, focus the vision of the project and prepare it for a public announcement at IGROMIR 2012. Though, due to the unfortunate events in Ukraine, the project got cancelled by the publisher, it's relaunch is still in plans of BestWay management.


What did this project teach me:


  • Being a Game Producer

  • Project Planning

  • Project management tools and techniques

  • Working with veteran developers

  • Game Design tutoring

  • Core game design

  • Production pipelines

  • Communication with publisher


Being my first non-indi game development experience it required me to learn fast and addapt to my new position. It wasn't easy, hell, it was incredibly hard so say the least, and I can't say that I did my job perfectly. However, the amount of experience gained easy overshadow all the difficulties I had to go through.