Role: Level Designer

Genre: Puzzle/Platformer

Developer: Holymountain Games

Platform: PC

Period: July 2011 - June 2012 



  • Prototyping puzzles and creating levels

  • Working in a 12 people team

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Red Rolling Hood, is a platform/puzzle game where you play the role of Red, a little girl who needs to adventure through a magical forest in order to save her grandmother from the claws of the Big Bad Wolf.

In their graduation year a band of students united under the name of Holymountain Games and decided to create a simple game as a portfolio piece. Red Rolling Hood was created around a concept of world rotation and simple puzzle mechanics to enhance it. Over a 100 levels were created over the course of development. Selected levels were tuned, polished and sorted into multiple "seasons" with progressive difficulty to smooth progression for the player.


What did this project teach me:



  • Tuning puzzles with player progression in mind

  • Design of intuitive puzzles

  • Game polishing


Working with friends and having fun is everything game developer can ask, thankfully that was the case for me with Holymountain Games.